Thursday, June 30, 2011

So, We're In Colorado.

After a fourteen hour flight to Chicago, a night close to the border of Wisconsin, four nights in Wisconsin, and a two hour flight to Denver.

But I've let out some parts.

Our flight was delayed by nine hours, so instead of taking off from Jordan at 10 a.m., we had to drive home, wait, and come back at 7 p.m. And our flight had no layover, so we had to sit for fourteen hours next to some very loud people.

When we (finally) got to Chicago, we drove to a hotel, and fell asleep around four in the morning.

Then, we drove up the border to Milwaukee, my dad's home town, and stayed with my uncle, aunt, and cousin.

They took us to a Brewers game.

But I am the only Rockies fan in my family, so luckily, they didn't play against the Rockies.

Then, we got to go to a NASCAR race.

That's right, a NASCAR race. And it was awesome! It was a road course, so in the end, when the driver's got agressive, there were lots of crashes on the turn we watched from. There were 2 Green and White Checkered Flags. Then, the car that was in the lead ran out of gas, along with several other cars, so it ended up being a race of who had enough gas to finish.

But, we didn't slow down our Wisconsin fun, we went to the Milwaukee Zoo, famous for it's Chimpanzees, witch we forgot to go see. Now aren't we smart?

Then, on our last full day in Wisconsin, I went to a guitar store with my parents to buy me a new guitar, while my brother went to see Cars 2 with my cousin and aunt. I found a guitar, and we went to Best Buy to get me my late Birthday present, a camera, so now I will actually put in pictures with my posts! But, all the America photos will have to wait. Sorry.

And now we're in Colorado, the place I like to think of as home, even though I've never lived here. I'm staying at my uncle and aunt's house along with their one year old Jude. Who I love to pieces.

So, in the past week, I've been to a Target, Wal-Mart, Kohls, Panera Bread, Mc'Donalds, (okay, they have those in Jordan, but still, it's a Mc'Donalds), Taco Bell, Bass Pro Shops, REI, and so many more.

I really love America.

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