Monday, June 6, 2011


Well, it's June. June is a big month. School's out, my birthday, our flight back home. Lots and lots of stuff.

Summer will start, and everything here will actually bloom. The grass and flowers will find a way to pop out of the fields and grow up to the sun. It becomes beautiful. The desert sands are brighter, the trees seem higher. If you go to the Dead Sea, it will be hot, but it's amazing.

I will go to the pool everyday. Like we did last year. I will swim, and run, and play. I won't be cooped up inside, I won't be doing homework. I will be the girl that's outside everyday, that you can always count on being there so you won't get lonely.

We will go home. I'll see all my friends, my family. I will go to a park, go to a store, go to a Target! I will meet new people, I'll have to say good-bye to them. I will cry. I will come back to Jordan.

I'll be twelve, I'll have more responsibility, more freedom. I won't be the 'sixth grader' anymore.

I'll have fun! I'll live, I'll survive another year in the middle east.

It's June.

June is a good month.

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