Monday, May 30, 2011


We got back from our little trip to Aquaba on Saturday, and this is the first chance I've had to blog about it. So, here goes...

On Wednesday we took the four hour drive there. And, ironically, all of the embassy families that were going showed up at the same time. So, after going to our rooms and settling in, we all went out to the pool, to enjoy the last rays of sun.
That night, while the adults sat on our hotel room's balcony, all of us kids, all nine of us, escaped and ran around the hotel grounds. It was all outside though, so it wasn't like we were banging on doors and running through hallways. The freedom was fun though, and we all stayed outside until ten.

Then on Thursday, my family took a boat, with two other families to a coral reef, where we all snorkeled, and watched the high schoolers jump off the side of the boat. The water was beautiful, and we saw tons of bright, colorful fish, along with some eel-like animals that we couldn't identify. But it was HOT that day too, and walking from the hotel to the pier and back was torture. So when we jumped into the sea, and the water was cold, it felt perfect. And we stayed in pretty long.

On Friday though, all of the families left except for mine, so my dad took my brother and I tubing. We took a boat out to an island-like pier in the sea, and me and my brother got in the tubes. He stayed in the boat to make sure my brother didn't let go and fling into the sea. Which he almost did, his arms could barley reach the hand els, but as we were walking back to the hotel, he said it was the funnest thing he had ever done, so I guess he didn't realize that he was falling off half the time.

Then on Saturday, it was our time to come home. We took the drive back, which took four and a half hours this time, and made our way back to Amman. But, before our weekend was over, we had to go to the embassy and wish my dad's friend a happy birthday. Then it was back home for homework before school the next day.

I'm still exhausted, but my weekends keep getting busier, I can't wait for when school's out, so we can go home to America and relax.


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