Saturday, April 23, 2011

Playing the Easter Bunny

Today the embassy had an Easter Egg Hunt. My mom signed me up to hide the eggs for the different age groups, and I agreed because my friend was doing it too. We started off with the 0-3 year olds, just scattering the eggs around the ground and in the bushes. There were around seven trash bags full of eggs that we had to hide for some 1 years olds, I sure hope they found them, otherwise someone would've had a lot of cleaning up to do.

The fun part didn't come until we hid the 4-7 year olds eggs though. Along with the seven bags of eggs we got to hide five "Golden Eggs." If they were found, then whoever found one got a chocolate bunny. I am proud to announce that no one found one of mine, until the whole thing was over and we gave away hints to the last few stragglers.

As kids were waiting we applied Easter tattoos to their hands, and while we were finishing up with the tattoos, everyone else hunted for their candy-filled eggs, and of course those special "Golden Eggs."

But when we finished cleaning up, there was more work to do. We had to go around making sure that each kid had ten eggs tops, and if anyone couldn't find any, we would search around and give them one. How's that for good service?

When the Egg Hunt was finally over and my friend left, I gained up with my other friends and we had the delicious brunch, but of course, I could only eat half of it, because my braces hurt when I bit something, but it was a beautiful, warm day and we stayed at the embassy long after everyone had left. Then we all went to one of our friend's houses and jumped on the trampoline, played Wii, and just had a good time.

When you live so far away from home, it's these days that you live for. Ones where everything's some what normal, and there's nothing out of the ordinary. But not only that, holidays like Christmas or Easter aren't as exciting. When you're walking you don't see houses decorated and shops full of discounts and toys, it's all normal. Christmas crept up on me like a snake, I didn't even know that is was coming up until we put up our Christmas tree, and evan then, it didn't seem real.

Easter's done that same thing. Tomorrow's Easter, and I didn't know that until yesterday. I don't know if it's living this far overseas, or just getting older, but holidays are different now.

Anyways, Happy Easter everyone. I'll try to blog about it tomorrow.

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