Sunday, April 10, 2011

An American Day

Yesterday was beautiful.

It was sunny and warm, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and it felt like summer. Which is coming up fast. The embassy pool opened, and there's only two months of school left. From now on, it's capris (No shorts, it's disrespectful to the culture) and T shirts (No tank tops, also disrespectful) for me.

And amazingly, I felt like I was in America. I went over to some friend's house. We Ripsticked, jumped on a trampoline, and just enjoyed the weather. No one stared at us while we screamed on the trampoline, no one started yelling at us in Arabic, it was peaceful, and unJordan like. It was perfect.

Then school came today and hit me on the head, I have officially decided in my mind that it's summer, and all thinking and homework should be banned. But I have two more months. Two more months of sunshine, and pool, and fun, that I have to miss for school. It's agony. I want them to cut the year short.

Oh please sunshine, wait for me.

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