Monday, April 4, 2011

Mother's Day

Turns out that Scotland has it's own Mother's Day. Just like Jordan and America. Now we have three days just for my mom. I bet she's happy.

Scotland Mother's Day was yesterday. On April 2, Dad and I were at a grocery store buying her a bouquet of flowers and some cards, when she spotted us and walked over to the cash register where we had almost escaped. She saw the huge bouquet of flowers I had in my hand and gasped. "Oops." was all she said for ruining our little surprise. But, she didn't see the cards in my hands, so I slipped them behind my back. Yesterday we presented them to her, and she was a happy mother.

Yesterday we also went to my first distillery. I've been to a ton of vineyards from living in Virginia, but never a distillery, so it was interesting. They walked us around, showed us how everything worked, and gave out whiskey tastings to the parents while Colin and I walked around the gift shop looking at everything.

Our time in Scotland is half way over, I'm going to miss all the grass when we return to the desert.

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