Saturday, March 19, 2011

Where to Start?

Woo Hoo! We're on our 20th month in Jordan. Grats to me, I'm surprised I haven't started pulling my hair out yet. Sixth grade's definitely been an interesting year. First year of middle school. Big, right? I guess to most people this is a pretty huge thing living here, with the conflict in the Middle East and all, but it hasn't really hit me yet. Jordan's doing pretty well, from my point of view at least. Sure we've been told not to go to certain places, but they're out of the way anyways. I guess you could say the embassy's my safe-haven. I would say you're right. There's so much to summarize from the past months, but I'll just have to add in the information as I go.  I guess I can give one story now though...

For Christmas of '09 we got a new addition to our family. We got our dog Ike! He's a pure-bread German Shorthaired Pointer that "Santa" got for us at the animal shelter here. Sure he was a little skittish at first. Stole whatever food we left out on the counter, growled at my little brother, but he warmed up within the first month and thank goodness too. I love our dog with all my heart. Sure he can't replace our Bull Terrier that we had to leave in America, but he's the next best thing. If you know your breeds, the Pointers are hunting dogs. They sniff along until they come to the scent of a bird, or in Ike's case, a cat. Then their owner shoots the gun and they run to retrieve their catch. Ike's not trained in hunting but you can tell the instincts are there. He points to everything and stands there until we can yank him away.

So one day I let him off in the backyard below our house. He disappears for a couple minutes and returns with a bird. A bird. The poor bird was dead, but it looked like it had been for awhile. My faithful little hunter had just brought me his first catch. Why, he was so proud, it took me ten minutes to pry his mouth open. 
Stubborn doggy.
There's your first story, and through all I love our Pointer with all my heart. Thank you Ike!

Look! We got him to do a pose!

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