Monday, March 21, 2011

I Miss Commercials

Yes. I said it. I MISS regular commercials. Man, I just want to see one Target commercial and I'll be happy.

You see, here they have a TV called AFN. It's for the armed forces living in Europe, but you can get it here if you're with the embassy.

Bottom line, the commercials stink. They're all about suicide, hypothermia, depression, fraud, and counseling. In the beginning, when we first got AFN, some of them were fun. They had little state quizzes and Guess The Cities. But they got old pretty fast.

Now if my parents weren't stubborn, they would've gotten the local boxes. They show American shows. (Of course with Arabic subtitles.) But no, I'm stuck with AFN.

I guess it's not SO bad. I mean, I could be without TV completely, but I miss watching my favorite shows the second they come out. (Did I mention I've missed full seasons of my favorite shows because they don't show them?)

I really miss watching TV.
Especially the commercials.


  1. Hannah, Give this site a look.

  2. I like your blog and point of view, Hannah! Keep it up.