Monday, March 21, 2011


Like most of the houses here, there is a giant, empty lot in front of my house. Sometimes I'd walk Ike through it, it wasn't easy though, for there was litter and prickers scattered throughout the field. 

If it wasn't for that though, the lot would be great.

The grass grows so quickly, at least, the grass that you can see through all the useless junk that people have dumped on it. If that was cleaned up, it would be perfect. And for some animals in particular... it was.

Every month or so, a shepherd would come to the lot with his sheep and goats and stay for a night. The sheep and goats would eat all the grass that had grown to long, and then take off the next morning.
Personally, I thought it was pretty cool when the herds came. It was fun to watch them. Sometimes the goats would bump heads or the sheep would baa at the sheperd's dog. But what I found amazing was that Ike never gave them a second glance. He would walk right past them as if they weren't even there. Which gives us another clue to his mysterious past that has left him with scars.

It was nice every night that they were there to hear their clamor break the silence, and see the bright glow of the sheperd's campfire.

But then, the most horrific thing happened to our little field. 
Somebody bought our little lot and is building a house on top of it. 

I'm going to miss those cute little goats.

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  1. Hi Hannah!

    I am going to give your blog address to my granddaughter. She will be starting the Foreign Service life with her parents soon.

    She speaks Japanese and English, and even some sign language. I hope she really likes moving around the world, seeing new places, and learning new languages and cultures.

    I wish I had grown up like you!