Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Castles and Lochs

We've done a lot in the past two days.

Yesterday we set off from Perth and drove up to Inverness. Along the way we stopped at a beautiful church, which we walked around and admired, Blair Atholls Castle, known as the prettiest castle in Scotland. Did you know that the person that owns it is allowed to have their own army? I found that kind of ironic, but sometimes old ways never change. We walked around the forest grounds of the castle, which had some of the oldest and tallest trees in Scotland and we found a really cool park. The swings were as high as the trees and you swung over the edge of a small drop off so it felt like you were going higher than you really were. There were other neat forts in the park that my brother, Colin, enjoyed searching. Oh yeah, Colin and I met our first Mucklecoos. Huge, hairy cows with giant horns on top of their heads.

They were adorable.

When we finished admiring the Mucklecoos we continued on our way through the mountains. We finally made it to Inverness and we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast.


Today we went to Culloden Battlefield. One of the European war battles was fought here and I learned all about it. Mainly from the Jackobites side, but some from the Government side too. Thten we left Inverness and drove up to Loch Ness. I'm sorry to report that we did not see Nessie. Maybe next time folks.

We did see a castle though, it was mainly ruins, but it was right on Loch Ness and it had amazing views. Lastly, we drove through the mountains to another Bed & Breakfast, where I'm writing to you from now.

Tomorrow's going to be busy.

(I'll post all of the pictures when we get back to Jordan)

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