Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I might've questioned my security here once or twice...


But I have good reasons too.

First off, the event that sticks out in my mind every time I look across the street.
The riot.
Yes, there was a riot in front of my house a couple months ago. You see, they had elections for some... I don't know, something that had to do with the government. They held the polls at local schools. Well one of those local schools is just down the street from where I'm typing right now.
Oh goody.
I was sitting on my couch when I heard yelling and glass breaking, I walked over to our window that overlooks the street and right before my eyes were people throwing rocks at each other and smashing car windows. Our boab was right there, sitting on the curb, watching it all. I called to my dad who was on the phone, obviously trying to work something out with somebody from work and he opened our balcony door. He stepped outside and motioned for me to follow. Is he crazy? I thought One of those rocks might hit me! Those people are probably dangerous. So while he was outside, watching it all, I peeped over the side of the couch to look out the window. Finally though, my curiosity out won me and I stepped onto the balcony. Together we sat there for a couple minutes.

Those were some of the most disturbing moments of my life.

I watched people yell at each other, throw rocks, smash windows. I watched people limp away, clutching their heads and arms. Then my dad stood up. "I'm going to move the car." he said simply.
"You're going down there?" I asked, completely shocked.
"Hannah," he said. "The car's going to be ruined if I don't."
I just nodded. While he walked calmly outside, I clutched Ike and watched his every move very carefully. The guard stopped him and tried to talk to him, he nodded his head and got in the car and slowly drove it into our garage.

All in all, it went better than I expected.

He came back upstairs and we sat on the balcony, watching the riot until the police showed up and every one scattered.

But I forgot the best part, it started back up again, right when I was about to go to my friend's house. Well, I'm stubborn, and still wanted to go, so we went down to the garage and drove down the street slowly, with me ducking my head below the windows.

We made it out that day, without any conflict and all was fine in the end.

But that event still haunts me about what could happen if Jordan ends up like Egypt or Libya. And so I'm thankful for the guard that has to stand outside 24/7 for us.

Thank you very much.

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