Friday, December 2, 2011

Gingerbread and 60 Degree Weather

It's December third now, correct? That means we're just 22 days away from Christmas, and 28 days away from 2012. At our house we have the Christmas tree up, and a few presents from family under it. Our stockings are actually over the fireplace, which has candles in it for when the electricity goes off. Christmas parties and ginerbread houses are being planned, skiing stuff is coming in boxes for our trip, and advent calendars are being opened everyday.

And yet it doesn't feel like Christmas.

I know, I know. I say this about every holiday. But it's true. Maybe it's the 60 degree weather or our missing family member, but it really doesn't feel like the jolly holiday that everyone loves.

Oh, and also, our teachers seem to be giving us more homeowrk, so it's not like when I get home from school I have time to daydream about gumdrops and "Santa".

In Florida, we'd be hauling in our Christmas tree and going down to the beach in just sweatshirts and jeans.

In New Jersey, we'd be shoveling snow and preparing for the Nutcracker ballet I was in every year.

In Virginia, I'd be outside until way past it got dark, having snowball fights and sliding around on the thin layer of ice over the sidewalks with my friends. Each day finding new sledding hills and drinking hot chocolate together.

Here, we're getting out our fake Christmas tree from the storage shed and trying not to dress to warmly. Anything more than a sweatshirt, and you're toast.

And in Colorado? Who knows. At least my dad will be back and there will be snow again.

Christmas feels like it's way more than 22 days away. It feels like it's months away. But maybe that will change with the weather.

And maybe the weather will change, and the temperature will drop.


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