Sunday, November 13, 2011


At our house you never know when a fire alarm is going to go off. Or maybe I can just never tell. Which is ironic since is happens so often. Like today for instance. Colin and I are staying home from school and we had pizza rolls in the oven when the fire alarm started blaring. Our dog, who is terrified of it started shivering and whining so our housekeeper took him out while I turned off the oven, opened all the windows, and waved a towel around. Then all was normal. These episodes are kind of alarming since when there's actually a fire we'll probably not know because we're so used to the alarms.

Oh wait. Why'd we stay home? Well we were in Israel with a bunch of other families, seeing all the religious sites and touring around. My mom likes to joke about how a big weekend trip for her was going to an amusement park. I guess overseas that just doesn't cut it. We toured around our neighbor country with other embassy families. I think we walked at least ten miles in all. At first the trip was great, we saw so many things and had so much fun, then the second day Colin got a fever, and by the third day he was throwing up every hour. We don't know if it was a virus, or a fever, or just motion sickness from riding around in our big tour bus for three days, but he was miserable, my mom was miserable, and I was pretty much the only one from the whole family touring.

In fact we have some pictures of just me in front of some amazing places. While all the other families stood together and got people to take their picture, I was all alone in ours. I'm sure in a couple years when we go back and look at the pictures it'll be pretty funny.

"Oh hey! There's Hannah on a boat in the Sea of Galilee!"

But at the moment it was pretty darn sad. My dad's gone, and my mom's taking care of my sick brother on the vacation that she was so so so so excited to go on.

So that's why my brother's staying home. I'm staying home becasue the border crossing from Jordan to Israel is such a lengthy, tiring process that we didn't get back in Jordan until eleven o'clock. And we didn't go to bed until twelve. Plus, who knows if I caught the horrible possible virus my brother got. No signs of it yet, but I'm still crossing my fingers and hoping that it passed us.

We went form this,
 to this in three days.

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