Thursday, October 6, 2011

Awards and Homecomings

Today there was an award ceremony at my school, where teachers nominate kids for doing a good job and stuff. When we walked into the MPR I saw my mom, dad, and brother sitting in the back with other parents. I've been to these things before, I knew what this meant.

This meant that I won an award.

This also meant that my dad was home.

I ran over and hugged him, tears coming to my eyes at the surprise, I wasn't aware that people were watching, I was only aware of my dad being there.

In the end my friends were asking me why I was hugging my dad, and I had to reply that I hadn't seen him in two and a half months because he had been in Iraq. Some of them were pretty shocked, others were smiling and gasping, "That's so exciting!"

Yeah, it is.

He's here. He's staying. For a while at least.

He's home.


  1. Wonderful! I am so glad your dad can be there with you. Enjoy!

  2. Enjoy the time with your dad. And big congrats on the award!