Friday, July 22, 2011

Well, We're Back. Dad's Not.

So, we got back to Jordan, when? Like a week ago? Anyways, we've all been very jetlagged, tired, and busy, so I finally got around to posting this today.

So, Jordan. It hasn't changed. I've magically grown taller than most most of my friends, but the embassy's the same, our house is the same, and school? I don't know, I'm not going there until I have to. And, we have an embassy family living in the apartment below us, which is going to be great, because who doesn't like living near other Americans while they're overseas? I know I do.

And, my dad left yesterday. For Iraq. And, surprisingly, I'm doing okay. It's funny, if you think of it like he's just on a work trip for a couple days and is coming home soon, it doesn't hit you. Oh, he's coming back soon, he's in Europe, in a nice hotel, meeting with the president, right?

Wrong. But I like to think of it that way. It seems more... happy.

So when a couple days goes by and he's not here it's going to hurt.

Especially when I need help with my math homework, or soccer. I'm trying out for the Junior Varsity team this year at school, and though I'm pretty sure I'll make it, last year my dad would always practice with me, drill me, and tell how to become better. He's not going to do that this year. Unless we Skype on the soccer field at school.

So, here I am in Amman, doing alright. Except for the pain in my gut that I can't walk down the street to a Seven-11, or a Wal-Mart, or any restaurant at all. I took so much for granted when I lived there. The pond across the street from our house, where we would walk and play with our old dog, friends that lived just down the street so we would go knock on people's doors whenever you wanted to play. Hardwood floors! Okay, I know lots of homes back in the states don't have these, but my old ones did. Here all of our floors are marble. And marble is very unforgiving when you trip and fall on it.

But, only one more year of this, and we get to leave. Heck, we could leave now! Because we're aloud to live in America while my dad's in Iraq. But we're going to stay here, closer to him, and closer to what right now is the closest thing I can call home.

Becasue it's not home, and it never will be.

But, no matter, I have to change all of this next year. Might as well call it home while we're here.


  1. Hannah you are one tough person. I'm so impressed by you. I hope this year goes quickly so your dad will be back with you soon. Will be thinking of you.

  2. Hannah, what a beautiful post! And i had no idea you were so young! Congratulations on your writing, seriously... Have you ever considered giving a shot to the AFS Journal? They're always on the look out for contributions from family members, especially children... Hang in there. It'll be all right...

  3. You've been included in this week's FS Blog Round-Up.

    Please contact me with any errors or if you'd like to be removed from the feed. Thank you for your blogging!

  4. Thank you for all the comments! And for putting me on the Round-Up.

    And yes, I have taken a look at it, and I might write something. I just have this thing against prompts. I don't like being told what to write... It's just a weird thing I have. I'll keep looking though. It'd be amazing to be published.