Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today is my brother's birthday. My baby brother. Well, not a baby anymore but, you get the picture. We have a five year age difference from each other and when I was at the hospital to visit him for the first time, I lost my second tooth. Right there in the hallway next to a soda machine. I remember that day because it was special. He was heavy, just like I was. And now he's all bones, same as me. He's stubborn too. He can almost out-argue me, but not yet. He also likes to listen to stories. He actually thinks he lived in England, just because we've told him stories of it, from before he was born.

His favorite sport is soccer, and his favorite cartoon character is Mario. He loves any Mario video game, and begged for them for his birthday. He likes to watch my dad play Call of Duty, and he likes to listen to me sing and play my guitar. He's funny enough to make me laugh when I need it. And annoying enough for me to want to slug him. But I love him. I really do.

Happy Birthday Colin. I hope this year is great for you, even without a dad to play Call of Duty for you.

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