Saturday, September 17, 2011

So, We Got Our Next Post


Denver, Colorado.

You know that place that we visit every summer? Where my uncle and baby cousin live? That place in AMERICA?

Yeah. There.


Next summer along with all the other moving families, we'll fly out of Jordan for the last time and go to...


Where there's fields with real grass, mountains, Walmarts, Targets, lakes, parks, dog parks, lacrosse, and family.


Where I'll be able to see my old friends that I actually met over here, where my dog, Ike, will have a yard to run around in. Where I'll be in the U.S.A for two years.

And you know what else? My old dog, Patton, gets to come too. Yup, we're going to go to New Jersey and pick him up.

And I'm happy that we're going to America, that we got a good post, that we're getting Patton back, but at the same time I'm sort of conflicted.

Now that I'll be living in America again, I'm not really going to be a foreign service kid anymore am I? I mean, my dad's job is still the same, we just got the America post, which means we won't be overseas.

So what does this make me? That girl that Moves all the time but only lived overseas twice? Once that she doesn't even remember?

I guess it does. But the thing is, after our two years in Denver are up, we might move overseas again. So what exactly am I? Not a foreign service kid, right? I'm probably just a diplokid. Okay, I'm fine with that.

So now our days will be filled with searching for a house, working out getting Patton back, and just trying to enjoy our last days here.


I think I'm still in shock.

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