Monday, August 1, 2011

Construction II

Remember this? Well now it's four stories tall and very loud. With the cranes and cement mixers going by and all. I would get a picture, I tried even, but it didn't work to well with the bars across our windows. I'm sorry, but those thing sure are convenient, especially when my brother and I open the windows and want to stand on the rather large ledge. They make sure we don't fall off. Thank you metal bars.

But I hate seeing the construction over there. As the building gets taller, I can't see over it. I can't see other cars and people that are about to turn the corner either. It makes our view pretty... dull.

And it means another small view of my world, just got even smaller.


  1. Hanna - Congratulations again on your posts and on your blog - it's so nice to see somebody your age with your vision and your way to describe simple things.. Good luck on your journey with family. Take care, Raquel